Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nigel, this blog has been hijacked on your 27th birthday

It was a complicated process, but I have managed to break into Nigel's blog and hijack it today on his birthday. This is Nigel's brother Ted.

As you have seen in the post below Nigel made an ad for single Christian women without my knowledge or consent on my 30th birthday. Some things in that ad are accurate enough, e.g. “Ted is a huge, ripped individual,” but there are other things that I would have done a little differently, e.g. the picture of me eating a banana in the boat was taken at a time of particular flabbiness when my rippedness wasn't as obvious as it usually is.

Anyway, just five days later it's Nigel's birthday (Shirley-Anne's birthday as well was just ten days ago) and I decided that I would do the same for Nigel.

Nigel is much more modest than this, so I'm going to say what he could have said if he were much less modest than he is:

Single Christian young women, consider me your number one option.

  • I could win Canadian Idol easily—I have performed several number one hit singles at weddings, including “Strong as a Lion, Loyal as a Puppy Dog,” “Ain't No One Like Rizzo,” and “Hole in His Heart.”
  • I could have been a male supermodel.

  • I am the next Bill Gates or Donald Trump—as evidence of my entrepreneurial success look at my site

  • I could have been American president. (If only I wasn't Canadian.)

A prayer for Nigel

It would also be nice to end with a prayer for Nigel.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for what you have done through and in Nigel in the past year. Thank you for how you blessed his time with George Verwer so much, and we thank you again for the desire that Nigel had in the first place to take that opportunity of a lifetime to learn and to have an effect on so many people. Thank you for how he invests in people so heavily. Thank you for giving him so many talents. Thank you for your help in his business. Thank you for bringing him through the disappointments and also the joys of the past year. Thank you for how you are using him back in Toronto. Bless him in every way, and help him to keep living to glorify you. In the name of the Lord Jesus we pray, Amen.

Happy Birthday Nigel!

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Blogger donnainfrance said...

Amen!! Ted , I knew you would know how to get back as only a brother could :)) But the prayer at the end is no joke and I do add my Amen to it for you Nigel. Joyeux Anniversaire and have a Blessed Year ahead.

5:44 PM  

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