Saturday, December 29, 2007

More on William MacDonald's passing

From one of William MacDonald's friends:

"Some of our readers have asked whether Bill was alone. The simple answer is that Bill was seldom alone during the last two weeks.The question, I believe, has to do with his final day. Let me tell you that there was a continuous outpouring of love and affection shown to Bill throughout his final trial. And it would be difficult to recall all the individuals who visited, read to him, prayed with him, sat with him and cared for him.

In addition there were numerous letters, emails and cards that came and were read to him during his sickness. During the last 24 hours of his life he had someone (and often many) by his side. Rather than naming names, let me tell of some of the events.

A group of us gathered early in the morning just to hold his hand, to read the Christmas story and to softly sing and pray. Bill was still able to respond with a simple nod of his head or by opening his eyes or by squeezing the hand of the one holding his hand. He was alert enough to understand what was happening and who was there.

Several close friends gathered in the early afternoon to read, to pray and to say "see you soon." Bill was still responsive but was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Some believers read the afternoon update and quickly traveled to the hospital to be with Bill and stayed until he went home to be with the Lord. At 3 p.m. I spoke with him to let him know some guests had arrived. There was no longer any facial response, but he squeezed my hand for the last time.

More friends gathered around 6 p.m. and read, and prayed and sang "It Is Well With My Soul." We believe Bill heard and sang the song with us in his heart even though his body was shutting down. He seemed to be at peace.

Friends came and went throughout the early evening. The Lord even provided a charge nurse for the evening shift who is a believer, whom Bill knows and who took care of his stepmother many years ago. It was just one of so many kindnesses of the Lord. And she came into the room and joined in the singing.

I had asked the Lord early on that he would allow me the privilege of being with Bill when he was called to heaven and He granted that request. As my family stood around the bed with Bill's elders, friends and loved ones he quietly slipped out of the room and went home to be with His Lord.

After he died more friends came and we held a little praise service in his hospital room thanking the Lord for a man of God whose life was lived out for the Lord, praising God for taking him home to heaven and singing hymns of worship to the Lord.

No, Bill was not alone. He was surrounded by children, young people, adults and seniors."
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