Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The year in review: 6 continents, 20 countries, 250 meetings

For those interested in the details, here is a reverse-itinerary of my 2006/2007 year in OM.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: mid to late August 2007; two days in a local “township” (low-income community) called Soshanguve
  • ZAMBIA: mid August; time with my parents and Lydia in Lusaka and Mansa and on the road; preached twice
  • SOUTH AFRICA: early to mid August: involvement in AIDS ministries in Pretoria; saw three men come to the Lord and several recommit their lives to Christ; spoke to a youth group
  • England: mid to late July: local work; overlap with the “next gopher” Mark Roberts
  • KOREA: early July: Busan (missions conference; time aboard OM Doulos ship); Seoul
  • The island of JERSEY: late June: sailed from Falmouth; spent a week onboard the ship
  • England: mid June: Falmouth (aboard the LOGOS II ship: where I spent 4 ½ months in early 2004)
  • USA: mid May to mid June: Chicago; Dubuque, Iowa (Chrissie’s college graduation!); a cross-country motorhome trip from Chicago to Idaho (meetings, hiking, time with George’s kids and grandkids)
  • England: early May: team retreat; Oxford (Christian Union meeting; saw my brother Ted); Bulstrode (heard “Brother Andrew” at a missions conference)
  • USA: late April: New Jersey; New York City; West Palm Beach, Florida (OM ship fundraising weekend);
  • CANADA: late April: Toronto (614 church plant launch & CRUX youth rally; also People’s church)
  • PAKISTAN: early to mid April: solo trip (not with George): a year highlight (loved it!): Lahore, North Pakistan (earthquake zone and Al Qaeda territory; also saw my old boarding school) and Karachi (met up with the bookvan Jalals!); preached several times and saw several come to the Lord
  • SINGAPORE: late March: time with OM Singapore people
  • AUSTRALIA: mid-late March: Adelaide (youth missions conference)
  • USA: early to mid March with George and his wife Drena (and, for much of the time, Roy the motorhome driver): Washington (Bible college missions week); Chicago (missions conference); Minnesota (missions retreat at Naniboujo u lodge); meetings in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California (saw John & Maria!)
  • IRELAND: early March: mi scellaneous meetings
  • England: late February to early March: London (HIV/AIDS meeting)
  • USA: early to mid February: Chicago-area, Illinois (Moody Bible Institute, church); Georgia (mega church); Hawaii (missions conference on the island of Kaua’i)
  • England: late January: Oxford (missions conference; saw Ted again!)
  • BRAZIL: mid January: Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte (mega church)
  • ARGENTINA: mid January: Cordoba (massive youth missions conference)
  • URUGUAY: mid January: meetings (youth, pastors, church) in Montevideo
  • England: early January: got detained at Heathrow airport for several hours for not having a longer-term visa; a few days later got a British passport (!) and became a British citizen (my dad is British)
  • USA: late December: Burbank, California (Christmas with my siblings John & Maria, Ted and Chrissie); St. Louis, Missouri (Urbana Missions conference)
  • England: mid December: London
  • England: early December: Carlisle (building dedication at OM International headquarters); meeting in Perth, Scotland
  • SCOTLAND: early December: Glasgow (youth event)
  • England: late November: Spanish-speaking church in London, plus other meetings
  • USA: mid November: Indiana (Taylor University), New Jersey (missions conference for Korean Americans; I did a one-hour seminar on “Business as Missions”), New York City
  • England: early November: meetings in Dorset (college students) and Bath
  • USA: all of October: meetings in Tennessee; Seattle (Missionfest… a privilege to pick the brain of Steve Saint—the “End of the Spear” author—on short term missions); Idaho (George’s kids); California (saw my brother John in San Leandro); Urbana, Illinois (among Korean-American college students); Atlanta, Georgia
  • CROATIA: late September: visited the OM Logos Hope ship in Trogir
  • England: mid to late September: meetings in Kent and Leeds
  • NETHERLANDS: early September: “Go” orientation conference
  • GERMANY: mid-late August: OM conference (near Frankfurt)
  • ENGLAND: early August: moved into my 'flat in London; overlapped with the previous 'gopher' Nathan - learning the ropes; local meetings
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Blogger Yann Monclair said...

Hi Nigel, I look forward at reading that letter of yours. It was great catching up tonight. See you soon, probably in another city/country !


4:33 PM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Thanks, Yann. It was great to see you too! You have been on my prayer list, and I will keep praying for you - that God will lead you into the ultimate "geek for Christ" destiny. - Nigel

10:08 AM  

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26 Mon 8pm oversight mtg (VS)
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