Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Last Days of South Africa

I'm writing this from a plane that is about to take off for the UK, via Dubai. Lydia is sitting next to me, and I just had a wonderful five weeks here in Southern Africa - with Lydia with me for the last three weeks.

I'm not sure how long I'll have till they tell us to turn off our phones, so let me just say now that my year as George's gopher is quickly coming to an end. I have almost finished a prayer letter that, besides reflecting on the year, answers the "what next?" question. I'll be sending this prayer letter out this week, so thanks for staying tuned.

Last weekend Lydia and I spent two days in a local township. During the time of Apartheid (separation of white and non-white people), townships were set up for the black people. Of course, Apartheid was a period of deep discrimination (and only ended in 1994). So, visiting this township (Soshanguve) was a real experience for Lydia and myself. It was an opportunity to see South Africa from a totally different angle. We had great fellowship with the people we spent our time with - not least a dynamic Pentecostal pastor and his wife.

Whoops, they're telling me to turn off my phone, so I will have to do that. God bless and more soon!
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