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Pictures of my 'flat' in London

It's 10:00pm and I'm off on another trip across the Atlantic (to the States again - and Hawaii!) in 10 hours. I thought I'd take some pictures of my 'flat' (apartment) here in London--actually the suburb of West Wickham, 40 minutes southeast from the heart of the city--before I left. I've posted them here to give you a peek into life here at the home base.

(Download the very-cool panaromaic photo-stitching software I used here.)

Click pictures for full size.


Welcome to West Wickham! This is a 360-degree photo. See the windows poking out of the roof of the big red building in the middle--the ones closest to us?--that's my flat. The office is the floor below (the middle floor). And there is a 'tyre' shop on the ground floor. See the townhouse just to the left of the fence by the alley? That's George & Drena's house. The street to the right and far left are one and the same--remember, this is a panoramic shot!--and it's called Rose Walk. 100% English, baby.

(If you've got a high-speed Internet connection, see a huge version of this picture--it's a 3.2 MB file!--here.)

Looking from the inside, here is the entrance. (Get your bearings by looking for the plant in the big picture above.)

There's the entrance door, at the bottom of the steps. These steps lead us over the tyre shop to the office.

This is a picture of the top of the steps looking down from another flight of stairs that lead up to my apartment. (I'm standing on them.) The door to the left leads to the office.

Welcome to the office! This 180-degree picture makes it look bigger than it is. Going from left to right: my office space is to the left of that partition. Then there's Vera (George's PA: she's been here for 25 years and has gone through 25 gophers!). Pan further right and you'll see a picture of the Doulos ship on the wall. We are passionate about the ships around here!

Turn around and this is what you'll see. The door to the far left is the door we just came in. And then there's the bookshelves. These contain the very types of books I give away or sell for George on book tables all the time. If you look closely, perhaps you'll recognize some of the titles. The doorway in the middle leads to a storeroom (see below). And there, on the computer, is Caroly. She comes in a couple of days per week and types letters that George has dictated to people around the world.

Here is one angle of the storeroom. This little room is packed with pamphlets, CDs, DVDs and tapes of all kinds. I give a lot of this stuff away at George's meetings.

The half-wit is me, ;) and I am sitting in my corner of the office.

This panoramic photo represents the office as I see it from my little desk. In fact, I am sitting at this desk now, typing these words. Spooky! This is a 360-degree shot, though, so it makes this 10'x10' space look *way* bigger than it is. Going from left to right: see the picture of my parents above the printers?. Then the windows you saw in the street picture above, and the computer Caroly *was* sitting in (the workday is over now). In the center of the picture is my laptop and, still panning right, the photocopier, more books, and mailing supplies. Now, let's go back out the office through the door we came in - back to the top of the steps. Turn right and...'re in George's old office. He works from home now (you can see his house through the window), so this office is very rarely used. This room contains pure history; legendary stuff. Now, let's head upstairs to my room.

My bedroom. Notice the heater... no central heating here! The little door leads to a store-room. Oh, if you look closely, you'll see at the right corner of my brown desk something maroon. That's my British passport! :) Now, let's turn around, go down the hall a few feet, and turn left into the den.

There's the door we just came in. Welcome to the den. This room has a cool, Middle-Eastern feel to it. It's not nearly as big as it looks in this panoramic photo; it's more cozy. The couch turns into a bed so, gents, feel free to crash here anytime.

This is the den from the other angle. There are lots of books in this apartment, mostly left behind by previous gophers. (I am George's 47th gopher - or thereabouts.) There's some mail stacked there for Nathan, who was gopher last year. Nathan is currently in a 'sensitive country' on the 'gopher graduate program' now (a year many gophers do after being the gopher). Now, let's turn around again, head into the hall, and turn left. Straight ahead is...

...the 'loo'. :) Notice the world-map curtain. Now turn left.

This is the kitchen - a really good one too. At least, it has a sink, which is more than I can say for my last kitchen. ;) There's George & Drena's house outside the window. Lots of hot spices on the counter there, and a neat little gas stove/oven.

The other half of the kitchen. I have my quiet time each morning over a cup of tea (very English) in the chair closest to us. I bought the plant at Ikea for a pound (~$2) or so. :) There's another heater on the floor, and right above it, on the counter, is a jar of Marmite. Mmm.

This is the gopher car - used for driving George around, taking books places, and picking people up from the train station - things of that nature. This stick-shift vehicle is the first car I have ever 'had'.

Thanks for stopping by. Can I drive you home? :)
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Blogger Yann Monclair said...

Hi Nigel, nice place you have. I'll be moving to Britain (more precisely Glasgow, Scotland) next week. Hope we can find time to meet up :) Have a nice trip,
Yann Monclair

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