Monday, November 20, 2006

Pictures from the road - October and November 2006

Here are some pictures from October and November 2006. (Click for full size.) Enjoy!

George captured this of me in Idaho, where we were in early October with his son Ben and family.

Visiting my coworkers Cindy (left) and Michelle (right)... and a bookling in the middle :) (Cindy's daughter).

This is Roy. He owns a motorhome and, as a ministry (and because it's fun!), drives George (and me) around America - from meeting to meeting. He is a hip 62 year-old widower who is looking for a wife. :) Here he is enjoying a meal with Cindy, Michelle and myself in a Chinese restaurant.

We Booklings don't see each other often. So this visit and meal was a real treat.

Michael Kaspar was George Verwer's gopher two years ago. He is now the head of college recruiting at OM USA, and he and I have crossed paths several times this year. This picture was taken at a conference about witnessing to Muslims near Atlanta, GA, at Grace Fellowship Church.

I took this picture of George & Drena Verwer, and Ray Lynch, in an airport about three weeks ago. Earlier in life, Ray Lynch decided that he wanted to fulfill the Great Commission by preaching the gospel in every nation in the world. He has achieved his goal, having shared Christ in over 220 countries. (George knows a lot of interesting people. Another of his friends has 99 grandchildren - through one wife. :))

When we got back to England after our month-long tour in the States, Ted came to visit me in my flat (I will eventually get pictures up here) in London. Nathan Smith, the gopher last year, was with me for the week. These are pictures of us running to catch the train downtown. We are trying to be melodramatic.

Nathan is a nut.

Still running to the train..

We made it in time! Here Nathan is making fun of my buck-tooth laugh. How can Ted find that funny??

Back in the States in early November, here I am in the motorhome. Dear Roy made a sign for me, knowing that I would be spending many hours working on my computer at the table here. He originally spelled my name "Niegel." :)

Good ol' Roy. :)

George spends hours on the phone every day - mostly calling regular, front-line missionaries around the world to encourage them. One of them is my dad, whom George has kept in touch with for 40 years. It was my dad who suggested that I consider becoming George's gopher, and I'm glad he did.

A familiar view for me. My bed is where the suitcases are up above (we move them). It's great! Roy sleeps on the couch. George usually sleeps in the home of our hosts. ... The red card you see in my laptop enables me to access the Internet from anywhere in the world there is a cell phone network.

George, Roy and I went into New York City last Wednesday. That's Ground Zero in the background. They are working on the 9/11 Memorial, including Freedom Tower.

Here George is recording an audio-blog (you will eventually be able to listen to it on from the site of Ground Zero.

"It's like a free cruise," says George. Here we are on the free-of-charge Staten Island ferry. Roy is looking out the window. The twin towers once stood amidst the buildings in the background.

Looking at the Statue of Liberty.

Finally, here is a video of Roy and myself in Times Square. The memory card on my digital camera got full while filming this, but it ended at an okay time. Enjoy!

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