Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 1

I just finished my first official morning as George's gopher - his previous gopher having left at 5am this morning.

I had a safe and peace-filled trip over from Georgia on Friday night. Thanks for your prayers.

It was good to overlap a few days with the previous gopher, Nathan Smith (see blog at right). Nathan is an easy-going guy with a real sense of humour. Last night he tallied all of the countries he'd been to over the course of the year, and the total came to 30.

I'll be in London for the next few days - learning the role, doing a driving lesson/evaluation (on Friday), etc. Then off to Germany August 16 (see itinerary below).

I offered some prayer requests in a previous blog, but I now have three keywords for this year. They are love, humility, and wisdom. Please ask God to grant me these three things in abundance. Please also pray for a real unity among the small team at the office here in London (where I'll be roughly half the year).
ar TORONTO, CANADA | 2022+




(Fewer details than usual; extended family reunion)
21 Thu MVT board mtg

(Fewer details than usual)
MoveIn conference and staff retreat in El Salvador; family vacation in Mexico and Muskoka

(Fewer details than usual)
15 Thu MVT board mtg
28 Wed Faith-Driven Entrepreneur event - Tyndale
29 Thu (1) Faith-Driven Investor event - Tyndale, (2) fly to Germany
30 - Oct 2 Fri-Sun MoveIn Europe conference/gathering - outside Frankfurt

... 2 See above
14-15 Fri-Sat MoveIn Vision Team retreat (shortened) - Puslinch
19 Wed (1) morning mtgs, (2) 12:30pm MVT l'ship mtg, (2) 3pm mtg (SM+)
21-25 Fri-Tue George Verwer in Greater Toronto Area
25 Tue personal lunch with George Verwer; George goes to the airport
22-28 Sat-Sun Dollar-a-Day week

3 Thu MVT l'ship retreat - L'Arche or Silver Lake
18 CCWM board mtg
29 Tue 3pm mtg (SM+)

8 Thu MVT board mtg

May 5 Fri CCWM board mtg (Fri)