Monday, July 17, 2006

Pray for the Middle East

Followup. July 18, 2:30pm. The below post, written yesterday, includes an opinion about Israel's role in the conflict with Lebanon. To balance it out a bit, I am herewith providing a National Post article on the topic that also provides some background on the conflict: Lebanon has no will of its own, by Robert Fulford


You may have heard or read in the news about the recent turmoil in the Middle East--particularly between Israel and Lebanon. I happen to have two friends on short-term mission trips in Lebanon. One wrote this yesterday:
"Well we just had a change in plans. Now they are going to try to get us across the Syrian border too. Since the americans dont have any plan yet they figured it is best to go to damascus since they are letting americans through the border for 48 hours. The bombings in Beruit have increased and it looks like they are bombing north Beruit now too. As for what we are going to do when we get out of Lebanon i think we have a choice of either going on to Jordan or they will just fly us home. For me i think ... will try to keep going on into the desert and do some work but they might make us go home for Syria. Pray that i get to stay becuase i didnt come over here to just sit"
Another wrote this today:
"Pray for the Lebanese people that the gospel would find an open door to their hearts in this time of unrest. Pray for reconciliation of these nations."
He included this recently-written excerpt from a friend of his who is also there. I don't know how accurate it is, but it is one person's first-hand perspective:
"Just a quick request for prayer for Lebanon. As most of you will be aware, Israel are conducting constant aerial attacks on Lebanon in retaliation for a Hizb'Allah attack a few days ago. Bridges, roads, electric power stations, airports, ports have all been targeted, and most areas in the south are under threat of attack. This is collective punishment at its most brutal, it is not defensive it is a form of terrorism and an attempt to punish a whole country for Hizb'allah's actions. 50 have died already, apparently 15 of these are children. The reality is we need prayer. Please pray for those innocent victims who live in the wrong places at the wrong times. Pray for wisdom for leaders and negotiators. Pray for our workers who are safe in the mountains, but with no access to leave. Pray for friends in the South who are fearful. Pray that even in times of fear and violence God will open hearts and lives rather than allow them to be filled with hatred and bitterness.Pray for Israelis on the border who are also under threat from Hizb'Allah rockets. Pray for peace in the Middle East."
Pray with me. Father, we pray for the Middle East. We pray Lebanon, and for the many innocent victims of this war. We pray for Israel, a nation that holds a special place in your heart; we pray that more eyes will be opened to the need for you, and that more and more would turn to your Son as Messiah and Lord. Thank you that more Jewish people are coming to you than ever before. Lord, we recognize that this conflict dates back to the beginning of our Bibles--to the deadly conflict between Isaac and Ishmael--and acknowledge that you are the only solution. We say, "come, Lord Jesus." May this stir up within us a sense of urgency even as you show us that you are the Prince of Peace. Amen.
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Blogger Dory Azar said...


Do you sometimes look at your watch and don't know what time it is?
Do you sometimes go sleep, wake up thinking you're somewhere but discover you're somewhere else?
Do you sometimes go to a room in your house and wonder why you went there?
Do you sometimes feel so helpless that you say to yourself "God help me" regardless of what your religion is?
- I do too!

I can go on with an exhaustive list of those little things that we have in common and define us as human beings...
Does one have any right to decide of the fate of others?
We could go on and point out responsibles and blame them for the death of innocent people because it's the easiest we can do, but would the problem be solved?
Some of you blame Israelis or Arabs, others Islam or Judaism, others the CIA and the United States...Would this bring the innocent victims back to life?
Many of you think "those are war casualties", for me they're human beings and I feel ashamed if that Arab little boy or that Israeli little girl asks me "Why did I die?"...
Why did they die? Did they die for any reason at all? Was the "Cause" worth the blood they spilled?
Almost 58 years and our people are still suffering. Now show me if you can tell little Mohammed and little Sarah if their blood helped for anything!

Do you deserve Qatioshas? - No you don't! But my people and my family members who have F16s and Apaches flying over their beds do not deserve to die either.
For what? For the personal ego of Olmert and Nasrallah who think they're saviors??!!
Let's send the slaughtered Jewish and Arab babies to them both and see what God they worship!
That's enough! We're tired of their flying gadgets; we're tired of their stupid politics and beliefs!
We have grown-ups with a 12-year-old-child's slang fighting their own war by sending other people's children to die!!!
That's enough! I want Sarah as much as Mohammed to live the life they are meant to have!
Shed your tears people; shed your tears to this human cruelty instead of encouraging this party or that to keep fighting!
Let's mourn these innocent people who are dying by hundreds but are not seen because of our media!
Whichever God you worship, no religion tells you to kill and to those who do not concur go read the books!
My sympathy to all the victims and I urge every single one of you who still has some compassion to read these lines in the name of all the victims who died asking "Why?!":

“We are sorry for the pain the human cruelty imposed on you.
We are sorry for the blood you shed for the weakness of our governors.
You do not deserve to die and for that we cannot but cry.
Your names will be remembered and your souls never forgotten.
Were you a Sarah or a Mohammed, we shall weep you equally as your lives were equally important.
Peace to all of us...”

7:30 PM  

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