Friday, April 21, 2006

News from Scott Grieve: Case may be dropped, ministry continues, joy and sadness

Update: Scott just sent me three pictures of his actual kids. See them at the end of this post. (3:12pm)

Many of you have been following Scott Grieve's story (including his imprisonment and subsequent release in Brazil, where he is serving in full-time ministry) on this blog. Posted below is his latest news, in Scott's own words.

My hope is that this living testimony will stir each of us to (1) pray (for Scott, his ministry, and Brazil) and (2) further action ourselves. Begin a prayer now, and as you read this, be in battle for Scott and Brazil - with faith and expectation.
to my family up in Canada,

this is a quick update to let you know how things are going down here in brasil. regarding my current situation with the brasilian authorities, my lawyer does not think that my case will go to trial. he thinks that the federal police will decide there is not enough evidence linking me to ownership of the gun and that they will drop the case. he also thinks however that it will take at least a year for them to come to that decision (to drop it). please pray to that end as it would not only mean peace of mind (right now i have to be especially careful because any trouble with the law would likely land me back in prison for at least 120 days. i do not live a risky lifestyle, but things can happen unintentionaly eg. i was unknowingly living with criminals and got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time especially in a foreign land), but it would also mean that i wouldn't have to spend anymore money on legal fees.

i am continuing on with my work with the kids although i have made adjustments for the purpose of security (mine and theirs). i've written up contact forms and permission forms which the younger kids (up to 15) must have filled before they can participate. the older kids (16 and up) have to sign a type of contract agreeing to certain rules. i've set a limit of 20 kids to each session, because most of the time i am alone with them and 20 is enough. the kids (the little ones anyway) love reading the bible. whenever i point to the building on the premesis indicating that we are going to enter and read they all take off running to get a soft seat. on days when something has come up and i decided not to have a study, many of the kids have complained. praise God!! those kind of complaints i like.

on a sad note. my personal work runs from monday to friday, but i'm involved in a similar work on saturdays at the same place, just on a larger scale. the last group that comes to play soccer, hear the Word and eat something on saturday is comprised of 16-28 year olds. i've been told that most of these kids mess with drugs (at least marijuanna, but many use crack also). one of them was shot 5 times and killed last sunday. he didn't pay for his drugs and ended up paying with his life. this is all too common down here. the last time he heard the gospel was the saturday before (not the day before, but the preceeding week). if Christ does not reach them, there is little doubt that more will die or do time in prison or at least have their lives ruined by drugs. once the little kids that i work with reach the age of 11 or 12 they will start with drugs too unless Christ steps in. please pray for these kids. thats all for now. thanks for the prayers. i miss everyone and am hoping/praying that the Lord will clear this thing up for me so i can come back to visit.

love scott
Scott's update written Saturday, April 15. Posted here with permission.


Update: Actual Pictures of Scott's Kids

April 21, 2006; 3:12pm:
here are some pics to replace the generic ones, although i must say that images like the ones you posted (and worse) are before my eyes every day. so many sad things here. must be like africa. i've never seen so many amputees and sick people on the street. - scott
Nigel again: I replaced the one pic, but left the last one (above) so you'll know what Scott's talking about.

Click for full size:

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